Podmore for Hair loss Dead bees for hair loss


What is Podmore and how to get it

Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

Bee Podmore – is dead bees. They have the hive all year, but during the season, most bees die outside the hive, and the corpses from the hive bees suffer away from home. The maximum number of bees in the Podmore Hive happens during the bee colonial spring review, this is the time most convenient to prepare it for future use.
Keep in mind that not all Podmore can be used, just one that is well-preserved, namely fresh, bone-dry, mold-free and odorless. If during the winter Podmore with scraping debris from time to time from the hives, by spring inspects them and stays crisp and clean, enough.
Podmore needs to sift a sieve or sieve with a large compartment to separate it from the accumulation of waste. Podmore then dried in the oven or oven at a temperature of 40-45 degrees. This Podmore, which hangs in cloth bags instead of airy and dry, can be stored for a long time.

Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

Podmore and people

The active substance of bee Podmore is chitin (chitosan). Melanin is made up of Chitosan derived from Deborah Podmore contributing to lowering high blood cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis, cleanses the intestine, normalizes its function, decreases the absorption of toxins, which allows the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, is used as a preventive agent for diabetes. Risk.
Chitosan activates burn and healing wounds without scar formation surface, when applied to a wound has a hemostatic and analgesic effect.
It is believed that chitosan can bind and remove radionuclides and heavy metals.

Podmore – Use and Application

Ancient remedy for hair loss

Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

The main indications for using Deborah Podmore
• Prostate adenoma
• Chronic lung, liver, digestive system, muscular and central nervous system.

Preparations from Podmore
1. Fried bee
2. Steamed, Podmore Soup
3. The Bumblebee Podmore element
4. The alcoholic extract
5.Podmor in various diseases

Fried bee
Podmore in the treatment of myopia
Fried bee body – Used as follows: a fresh Podmore teaspoon roast 50 ml vegetable oil for 5-6 minutes, then cool and grind to take a teaspoon before meals with milk for 1-2 months. Treatment can be repeated after 2-3 months.

Steamed, Podmore Soup
Podmore of Inflammation and Fenritium, varicose veins
Steamed Podmore – Steamed in warm water bodies of bees, it is usually applied to the inflammatory area. This procedure is carried out as follows: 100 grams of Podmore pour very hot but not boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, then the resulting mass is pressed slightly through the cheese cloth, a triple layer of gauze is applied to the patient and a focus is placed on depressed package bees, covered with cling wrap and secured with a bandage. Elastic, leaving it for cool compression.

Decoction of Podmore Bees
1 tablespoon podmore pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for two hours. Then leave to cool at room temperature for 1-2 hours. Drain and drink the broth 1 tbsp. Spoon twice a day for a month.
With prostate cancer, kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, and obesity.

Herb solution
Prepare a mixture of 20 hips, 40 grams of root, 20 grams of ravine and 20 grams of birch leaves. Three tablespoons of the mixture placed in the thermos and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for 2-3 hours, strain, add honey to taste.
Drink a hot infusion: half a cup three times a day.
With prostate cancer, kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, and obesity.

The bee podmore element
Podmore with joint pain, thrombophlebitis
Deborah Podmore liniment – Used to make this: Beat a bee pod pod and mix with warm olive oil (a tablespoon of powder to 200ml oil).
Stored in a dark glass bottle in the fridge. Rubbed in pain (preheated).

The alcoholic extract
Podmore for blood pressure stabilization in cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, cerebral blood vessels
Counter by the alcoholic bee extract of the bee Podmore. 15-20 drops after meals for 1-2 months. The extract is assigned to the elderly daily for 6-12 months at a once-a-year dose for life (for a 70-year-old male = 70 drops), the observations show that after treatment people became more active, their usual illness was alleviated.

Podmore extract for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and sexual dysfunction – impotence and parturition
Preparation of Extract 1 cup of Podmore beeswax (30 grams) poured 0.5 liters of vodka or 70 degrees alcohol, shoved for two weeks in the dark, then filtered and preserved in a dark glass vessel.

Podmore bee solution for hair loss

In each container (such as a 0.2, 0.5 or 0.7 liter bank) bees pour half and fill with alcohol over a 3-inch Podmore. Leave for 15 days in a dark place and then strain. Drink adults 3 times a day for 1 st. Spoon for 30 minutes before dinner, until relieved.
With prostate cancer, kidney disease, glomerulonephritis and obesity.


The bee propolis offers hope for relief for hair loss

Can honey bees hold the key to reversing hair loss? – AFP Relax News

A study using mice found that this substance from bee hives encouraged hair growth.

Honey bee hives material called propolis encouraged hair growth in mice during a new study conducted by researchers in Japan.

The research team claims the resin-like material is used to seal small crevices in their hives, according to the research team, which may contain important clues to reduce hair loss in humans.

The rise in the spring on recent studies suggesting that propolis could promote the growth of cells that contribute to hair growth, Ken Kubiiski and his team were curious to find out if it could actually create new locks.

They prepared their mice by shaving or waxing, and in both cases, those who received a local propolis application grew their fur faster than those who did not.

It is important to note that the number of cells involved in hair growth increases after the propolis is applied to the skin.

While propolis was tested only on mice that were capable of breeding fur rather than balding mice, the research team notes that hair loss is most often the result of inflammation.

Because it contains anti-inflammatory elements, researchers say they expect Propolis to return balding as a result of baldness, although they recognize that further testing is needed.

The propolis, which also has antifungal properties, has been used to treat tumors, inflammation and wounds in ancient times.