French pine tree bark extract for hair loss


French pine tree bark extract for hair

In recent years, I have become increasingly interested in skin care beyond the field of acne – I’m talking about aging. Fortunately, a combination of falling in love with a more natural life and a contemporary cultural transition to the pursuit of “anti-aging” and wrestling every subtle line with unchallenged zeal has informed my self-care routine; It is increasingly gentle about self-love.

I understand that the way my skin changes over time in the natural aging process is not necessarily something to rage against a song by Di La Thomas. Instead, it is all about perspective and allowing yourself to come as you are to your reflection in your appearance and life.

Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

However, it is natural that we want to look our most sparkly, and I still enjoy an in-depth self-care ritual that contains a wealth of skin-loving products and routines (like a massage … mmm!). The key here is to enjoy the ritual.

Why haven’t we heard more about picnogenol (MVP skin supplements)?

One of the interesting additions I added to my ceremony is the French Pine Peel (doesn’t that just sound pretty?), Also called pycnogenol. This wonder supplement has been the star of several peer-reviewed studies that illustrate how special this extraction is.

When it comes to skin health, picnogenol is MVP.


Pycnogenol …

Protects the skin by reducing free radical damage

Protects collagen and elastin from degradation

Blocks the effects of aging UV light by blocking inflammation and reducing protein loss, two causes of wrinkle formation

Improves skin smoothness

Reduces hyper pigmentation

Improves skin barrier function

Protects DNA from damage

Reduces glycation

Increases skin moisture

Provides antioxidant support through oligomeric peranococyanidine compounds also found in grape seeds

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Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product


The baldness physiology has been leading scientists for many years. Despite a rare meeting of commercial forces and scientific interest, new hair creation remains out of the realm of possibility. But that may change – and not because of the new packaging of the same old drugs. Recently, a series of scientific publications have examined the progress of stem cell research and 3D printing, with the aim of replicating a person’s actual hair and then inserting it into his scalp – in massive and unlimited quantities.