Astaxanthin for hair loss


Astaxanthin Hair loss and skin health

Beauty is another health field where astaxanthin is promising, with a new preliminary study supporting the potential of the ingredient for hair and skin health.

In the symposium, Hiroko Sugino, PhD, presented findings from two recently published studies that found that astaxanthin co-administered with topical skin cream may improve skin appearance and blood pressure markers for oxidative stress. Between the two studies, 54 women combined 20-71 received a 12 mg dose of oral astaxanthin in addition to applying topical topical astaxanthin daily for three months.

Using a VISIA skin imaging device, researchers noticed a decrease in brown spots and pores, as well as a number of skin enhancement areas noted in the subjective participant questionnaires. Participants also showed improvement in antioxidant activity in the blood, which could affect skin health, Sugino explained.

A separate preliminary clinical trial, presented by Nalinee Sutthipisal, MD, found that astaxanthin may benefit men with hair loss. For 12 weeks, 15 men aged 25-65 consumed oral astaxanthin supplementation and used a scalp cream containing astaxanthin.

Compared to baseline, the researchers noticed a 9.4% increase in terminal hair count at 4 weeks after starting treatment, and a 22.5% increase in terminal hair count after 12 weeks. No adverse events were reported and there was 84.6% patient satisfaction after 12 weeks. Researchers plan to publish the full research findings soon, according to AstaReal.

Symposium AstaReal 2016 also included a preview of ongoing studies in even newer health applications, including sarcopenia and pet health. Where will Astaxanthin go next?

Stimulate hair growth and younger skin with astaxanthin

Want to position your editor and stop hair loss? Astexanthin should only be taken for 14 days.

Preventing skin breakdown, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation?

Make the external signs of cutaneous aging?

Capsule sunscreen?

Significantly reduce DHT levels, and DHT’s association with androgen receptors?

You have a good reason to be skeptical of any compound or compound that claims to do it all.

However, just in case there are natural compounds that industry studies and published studies show have all these low cost benefits with additional side effects compared to side effects. As Dr. Mercola said: It’s a little miracle your plastic surgeon doesn’t want you to hear about.

Astaxanthin, a newly discovered beta carotene and lycopene relative, is probably the most powerful natural oxidant known to date.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid. Carotenoids give certain foods their color, such as watermelon, red beets, carrots, gums, etc.

Carotenoids are involved in photosynthesis, protecting plants and other organisms from ultraviolet light. Humans, it has been discovered that they enjoy the same benefit of consuming carotenoids.

Of the naturally occurring 700 carotenoids, astaxanthin has been found to be the strongest, provoking a growing amount of research.

Of particular interest to the scientific community is the ability of astaxanthin to protect your skin from sun exposure inside and out.

However, astaxanthins are far more beneficial for its effects on the skin. These additional benefits include cardiovascular benefits, blood sugar stabilization, prevention and treatment of cancer chemotherapy, inflammation and athletic performance.

ASTAXANTHIN has the most known natural substance potential

Astaxanthin is manufactured by Haemococcus pluvialis, microalgae, to protect it from UV radiation and malnutrition. It functions as a protective barrier. This protective barrier is also created in human skin when astaxanthin is taken in sufficient quantities. In addition to micro algae, astaxanthin is also present in salmon, shellfish, and pink flamingos, giving everyone their pink color.


Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

The unique endurance exhibited by salmon in their annual upstream breeding trips has been regulated as an action of their astaxanthin content. In controlled studies, astaxanthin supplementation has been shown to increase endurance training in humans as well.

Astaxanthin is significantly stronger than the other carotenoids and appears to protect all cells, including hair follicles, from oxidative damage. It is 65 times stronger than vitamin C, 54 times stronger than beta carotene, and 14 times stronger than vitamin E.

What Makes Astaxanthin So Effective for hair loss?

Astaxanthin is particularly effective in quenching single oxygen, a particularly potent free radical composed of a variety of disorders, including cancer.

Astaxanthin crosses both blood and retina barriers, reducing the risk of both cataracts and Alzheimer’s.

Astaxanthin, when complexed with phospholipids, is 12 times better absorbed, according to several studies.

There are also no known adverse effects (only benefits) associated with the astaxanthin supplement.

Unusual UV light inflammation

Sunburn was established as an inflammatory process. When you supplement with astaxanthin you create protection from your sun inside and out. The same compound that protects seaweed from sunlight also protects you.

Well-publicized dermatologist Dr. Frickron (wrinkle author) enthusiastically supports astaxanthin for its anti-aging effects on the skin.

A number of Pro Tour surfers use astaxanthin not only to protect against the sun, but also to improve their endurance.

Astaxanthin: Sun out

In addition to multiple recommendations and anecdotal evidence, scientific studies have established the protective effects on the skin.

An article in the Journal of Dermatological Science found that astaxanthin is protected against DNA mutations in human skin induced by UV radiation.

In an experiment conducted by Cyanotech, it was found that after taking astaxanthin, 4 mg, for 3 weeks, the time it took subjects to exhibit sunburn in response to UV radiation increased dramatically.

Hair loss treatment and information. Best hairloss product

Another study published in the International Journal of Vitamins and Nutritional Research concluded that astaxanthin is significantly effective in preventing the aging of the skin.

In another study, Arcana found that astaxanthin not only prevented collagen-induced degradation but also age-related wrinkles.

Although there seems to be some evidence of topical benefit, the most significant benefit comes from oral ingestion.

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